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No Back To School: Why Homeschooling Is Growing

This summer, my kids and I attended our first No back to school party. As much as we enjoyed the party, I must say that is not the main reason we decided to home educate them. In this post I will be sharing some insights of why homeschooling is becoming much more than a movement.

Reason No. 1 Choosing A Different Path

Nicole Russell from The Federalist said beautifully: “Some parents choose to homeschool because they’ve done their research and don’t agree with the curriculum taught or social situations within public (or private) schools. Those with a degree in education may disagree with me—but isn’t that great? The freedom to choose what type of education your child can have should not be overlooked or under appreciated.”

Roads never paved before are exciting and a great way to teach our kids about life. Doing life with them until you have them home, learning together it’s simply priceless.

Reason No. 2 Nobody Loves And Know Your Kid More Than You Do

Therefore, you have what it takes to educate your kid. It amazes me the variety of curriculums, options of hybrid schools, tutors and schools online, (even free) that we have access. Definitely not something to take for granted.

Reason No. 3 The World Is the Classroom

I love what Leigh A. Bortins has to say in her book ” The Core: Teaching Your Children The Foundations of Classical Education”:

When you ask someone, “what do you do?” do you really mean. “What’s your job?” Can you imagine asking George Washington what he did for a living? He will would have answered that he was a farmer. He worked at home except, when he wasn’t at home. His role in history reveals that he could responded, “I’m a citizen, a stepfather,and army officer, the president, Martha’s husband etc.”

For most homeschooler families ”Home” is a hub, where parents are the headmasters and kids learn how to live while discover their potential.

Reason 4. Self Learning is The Future

“Future”? Education has always been self-learning. There is probably no other American as revered as Benjamin Franklin. He was an inventor, scientist, statesmen, polymath and one of the founding fathers of the United States an a self taught individual.

According to DIYGenius ,

”As we move further into the 21st century, I believe the idea of self-education and autodidactism is going to continue to broaden and expand, making the lifelong learner the most valuable person in the new workplace and entrepreneurial economy.

That’s not to say that formal education is going to go away. There will always be a need for excellent universities and inspiring teachers. But the person who takes it upon himself to learn and explore topics—to broaden their own horizons—will always enjoy an edge, whether it be in business or as a citizen.

And what an amazing time for the highly curious who desire self-education! Never before has so much knowledge been so readily available.”

Sure, we do need some years of formal education…but a good formal education is to enable you to continue your education past the point you get the piece of paper.

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